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"Let food be thy medicine. Let medicine be thy food." ~ Hippocrates
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Vanilla Beans (Whole)

Madagascar Vanilla Beans (Whole)


Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, the fruit of the exotic tropical climbing orchid, are the absolute finest quality beans when it comes to quality and flavor, making this particular variety the most sought after in the world. These beans are hand selected and processed with using a special proprietary technique that protects the potency. The flavor is rich and creamy with an irresistibly sweet, buttery aroma: well suited for any recipe calling for the highest quality vanilla. For centuries, vanilla has been used to make aphrodisiac elixirs, perhaps due to the transportive nature of the smell, alone. Ancient healing elixirs made with vanilla were designed to support digestion. This vanilla will give both sweet and savory dishes an entirely new dimension of flavor.

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Use the center “meat” of the vanilla bean (by gently scraping it out with a knife) in any recipe that calls for vanilla: desserts, smoothies, ice creams, sauces, chocolate… After scraping the center of the bean, use the rest of the bean to flavor water, tea or to infuse into oils.


Health Benefits of Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Used For Digestion, Anxiety and Weight Loss…Benefits of Vanilla

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