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"Let food be thy medicine. Let medicine be thy food." ~ Hippocrates
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Coconut Oil

Smokin’ Sweet Nori Glaze

This versatile well-rounded nutritionally dense treat packs into a scrumptious snack. We love our Raw Nori sheets lots of different and fanciful ways, but the idea here was to combine a few tasty superfoods into an ultra-simple power pack to go. Turns out, there’s loads of gourmet possibilities from this starting point too.

For each double serving desired, get together:

1 Tbs Virgin Raw Coconut Oil, or Vanilla Coconut Oil
1/4 cup Organic Raw Mesquite Powder
1 tsp Coconut Secret raw aminos, or Nama Shoyu
Soaked Goji Berry, or a pinch chili powder, or cayenne if you take it hot
4 sheets Bright Earth Raw Organic Nori

Miscellaneous garnish and fresh features if planning for immediate enjoyment…

To combine, first liquify the Coconut Oil in a “double bowl” with about a half cup of hot water in the lower bowl that will warm the upper one sufficiently for melting. Next stir in the Mesquite Powder and Aminos/Shoyu, softened Goji, chili, or any other spice you might like (cumin? cardamom? wasabi? try just one for distinctive flavor, and rotate). You might also try a dash of raw coconut or banana vinegar for tartness and digestive aid. When you have a good syrupy consistency, go ahead and brush or spoon thinly onto the Nori sheets.

* For a “cracker” or “crisp” to enjoy later, coat one side of one sheet and then layer a second clean sheet on top. Set aside to congeal, or roll/fold to shape as desired.

* For a fresh delight or a Japanese-style hand roll presentation, place the two pairs of Nori sheets together on plates and add the glaze a bit thicker into the center area on the top sheet, then keep building your custom creation. Keep it Zen–simple is scrumptious with Superfoods!

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