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"Let food be thy medicine. Let medicine be thy food." ~ Hippocrates
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Inulin Powder: The Healthy Sweetener

Inulin Powder is an lovely mild sweetener that is a healthy alternative to most other sweeteners on the market because it is very low on the glycemic index. Inulin Powder is a “1” on the glycemic index: which rates foods from 1-100 based on their effect on blood sugar levels.

Inulin Powder is a fine white powder that gets its sweet taste from the fiber of the jerusalem artichoke root. It contains fructan–which acts very differently in the human body than fructose and glucose because it does not spike the blood sugar and activate the release of insulin. chocolate cake with powdered sugar

Fructans are polymers of fructose, which are found in the root fibers of very few flowering plant species. Because Inulin Powder contains over 40% fiber, it is great for digestion and provides a feeling of satiety (fullness) for an extended period of time, because fiber remains intact until it reaches the large intestine. Inulin Powder also contains pre-bioitics, which feed the pro-biotics in the gut; therefore, increasing the healthy flora in the intestines.

Because Fructans do not require insulin for digestion, they are excellent for people who are interested in pro-actively maintaining a steady blood sugar level throughout the day. (Everyone interested in optimal health should be concerned with this!) Energy depression comes when the body dumps insulin into the blood in an attempt to reduce a sudden increase in blood sugar that is caused by eating foods which rapidly enter the blood stream.

Choosing foods that stabilize the blood sugar is one of the most important things we can do to bring balance to the body, stop carbohydrate cravings and mood swings, lose weight and prevent disease…

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