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"Let food be thy medicine. Let medicine be thy food." ~ Hippocrates
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How Much Salt Do You Need?

waterProper hydration depends on the balance of water and salt in the body. Drinking more water without intaking more salt–can make you more dehydrated.

Salt is an essential nutrient in the diet of every mammal. If you have ever owned a horse or a cow–you know that you must offer them “free” salt: meaning that you let the animal control it’s intake. Humans also have the innate intelligence to regulate how much salt they need. We were designed that by the nature with a built in system just for this: including our taste buds and our cravings. If you crave salt–eat it. Your body will crave what your mind remembers as being salty. Beware of this trap if you have not made the full transition to real and raw foods, because you will crave processed foods that are salty, like potato chips. In other words–just because you crave potato chips–does not mean that you should eat more potato chips–it means that your body is wanting more salt.

Long ago, humans knew that a lack of salt could devastate entire populations. When tribes began to migrate, they did so along ancient Salt Trade Routes, to ensure they would never risk running out of salt. At that time, salt was used as currency because it was known to be so valuable and essential for life. The word “salary” came from the word salt.

Don’t be afraid of salt! Salt your food to taste! It is essential for the body and necessary for proper hydration. What happens if you eat too much salt? Simple, you will be thirsty. Drink more water! Listen to your body. It knows.

We are salt water creatures by nature. Our blood contains salt. If you are not eating processed food–you must add salt to your food. Use whole salts as the minerals are intact because they have not been processed out. Never use white table salt as it contains harmful chemicals and other substances. Himalayan Sea Salt has 84 natural minerals; it is much more than just sodium!

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