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Join dozens of health professionals who are enjoying the benefits of having their own product line!

We can help you bring your own superfood smoothie product to the market! We specialize in private label partnerships with health professionals who are looking for the finest quality nutritionals to offer their clients under their own brand!

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Creating Your Own Retail Product Line Has Never Been Easier! 


 You Focus On Marketing. We do the rest!

I am so thrilled to finally have products I can feel good about offering to my family, friends and clients! As a health professional, one of the challenges I experienced regularly was not knowing which food products to refer people to when they asked me. I found nothing on the market that met my high standard of quality. Most of the drink mixes I did find were loaded with sugar and tasted terrible.

I spent years teaching people how to incorporate superfoods into their diet in order to increase their micronutrients and get off sugar, wheat and dairy... Bright Earth Foods' Private Label Program has completely transformed my business, simplified my job and helped me generate more revenue!

Now, I can recommend gourmet superfoods to even my most sensitive clients with multiple food allergies. This is critical for my business, and Bright Earth Foods has made this possible! It has been an awesome experience working with them and it has allowed me to take my business to the next level. I especially appreciate that they were willing to work with me when I was just getting started; they never compromise on quality and have been there for me every step of the way through this process.

Thanks, Bright Earth, for making my dream come true of having top quality, clean, herbal, mircronutrient desnse, nutritional drinks that are delicious. My clients, with extremely restricted diets thank me everyday. My products have changed their lives for the better! You have enriched so many peoples lives with your incredible foods!

I am so happy that I chose to take action! The whole process was so much easier than I thought it would. be.

Thank you Bright Earth Foods!


Mary Beauchamp, R.N.


Join dozens of health professionals who are enjoying the benefits of having their own product line!

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