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"Let food be thy medicine. Let medicine be thy food." ~ Hippocrates
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Surprised woman with acneThe skin is the largest organ of the body. For some people, it is the first place the body shows a visual sign that it is struggling to handle a metabolic imbalance or toxic overload. This shows up in the form of inflammation (acne) and it is a very potent visual message to you–from your body.

If you have acne, you are being asked to “look” at something. You are being asked to look at your life style choices and to start investigating what is causing an inflammatory reaction in your body. It is an invitation for you to get involved in helping your body to create an internal balance. Do not ignore this important message. In fact– consider yourself lucky–because your body is communicating clear information about what is going on inside of it. By making some simple changes and being consistent over time, you will see a difference. Here are some tips…

BALANCE YOU BLOOD SUGAR. Skin breakouts often occur when the blood sugar is thrown out of balance. When an overload of sugars are “dumped” into the blood stream, it paralyses the immune system and triggers an inflammatory response. Stopping the “blood sugar roller coaster” actually takes several weeks. It requires eliminating all white sugar, sweeteners of any kind, white flour, grains and alcohol from the diet to start. These wreak havoc on the blood sugar and produce toxins because they feed candida. Over growth of candida keeps you craving more carbohydrates and sugars. It is a viscous cycle that keeps your cravings in control of your choices.

SUPPORT YOUR ENDOCRINE SYSTEM. Eat superfoods, especially maca powder, to support your endocrine system and assists with balancing hormones. Often skin is more prone to break out at certain times of the month. Superfoods can support overall hormonal balance; however, if you are eating foods that require the release of lot’s of insulin, you will never get your hormones balanced. Insulin is a hormone that when over active, can throw all other hormones out of whack. If one hormone is out of balance–they all are!

MANAGE STRESS NATURALLY. Stress in the body produces toxins and increases the inflammatory response in the body. Toxins are released through the skin and show up as skin outbreaks. Breathe deeply. Make time to relax your mind. Practice relaxation and yoga daily. Find some form of movement that you are willing to do that you enjoy. Make it a daily practice.

DETOX YOUR BODY: EAT SUPERFOODS. Wipe the slate clean and jump start your health by doing something that will help your body to mobilize and remove stored toxins. Consider doing a cleanse. Drink a Rainbow Superfood Smoothie everyday! Eat chlorella daily; it is one of natures most powerful detoxifiers! Eat lot’s of greens, they are alkalizing and detoxifying.

ALKALIZE YOUR BODY: Inflammation is triggered when the body is acidic. Green superfoods are very alkalizing and deeply nourishing. Drink a green smoothie daily and eat a big salad as your main meal of the day.

EAT RAW ORGANIC WHOLE FOODS. Have an eight once salad everyday! Fresh vegetables are nourishing and will help to remove toxins and strengthen your immune system. They are full of “life force” energy: something that cannot be measured or quantified–creating subtle yet profound results in over time.

HYDRATE. Give your body the gift of life and drink more water. Drink at least 1 ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight per day. This will assist your body in virtually every function and especially in removing stored toxins. Salt your food. You cannot hydrate your cells by only drinking more water. You can, actually, become dehydrated if you drink too much water–without adding whole salt. This is a critical step if you are making the switch to superfoods and whole foods. Salt is an essential nutrient: essential for life! Don’t forget about it.

STOP PUTTING CHEMICALS ON YOUR SKIN. Try using coconut oil to moisturize your skin. It is the perfect essential fatty acid for protecting the acid mantle of the skin and it is highly antibacterial which can help with inflammation.  If your skin is dry, eat more coconut oil! Dry skin and hair is a clear sign that your body is lacking essential fats. For very dry skin, use cacao butter as a moisturizer. Melt over low heat and apply to skin while warm.

FEED YOUR SKIN: A SUPERFOOD FACIAL. For deep cleaning and feeding your skin, the ultimate antioxidant and mineral bath can easily be created by combining Himalayan Sea Salt and Camu Camu Powder in a small dish. Dampen your face slightly. Then with your damp finger tips, lightly touch the powdered mixture and gently scrub your skin with this superfood face and body scrub. It is highly antibacterial! Then if needed, moisturize your skin with coconut oil. Camu camu powder is also a powerful underarm deodorant. Just pat your finger tips in pure camu camu powder and apply to your underarms for all day lasting protection from body odor.

MOISTURIZE DRY SKIN AND HAIR. Your skin is your best barometer for what is going on inside your body. If your hair and skin are dry–eat more fat. Never eat fake fats!  Cacao butter is an excellent source of omega fatty acids and coconut oil one of the richest, cleanest, and purest form of medium chain fatty acids available. It is a healthy saturated fat. Don’t worry, not all saturated fats are bad. Put coconut oil directly on your hair and scalp. For deep moisturizing, leave on overnight for a penetrating hair and scalp treatment.

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